God of War is known for a lot of things. One of the game’s best parts is its big, loud boss fights, and Ragnarok is no different. As Kratos and Artreus move through Norse mythology, there are some enemies that stand out from the rest.
Since there are a lot of bosses and sub-bosses, we’ll focus on the bad guys you face in the game’s main campaign. Style and creativity, not just how hard they made our lives, are taken into account here.

1. Bjorn

God of War Ragnarok
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The first boss is, as expected, also the easiest. He moves slowly and is mostly here to teach you how to block parry and dodge.
Still, it’s a dramatic part of the story because it’s Atreus in bear form. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Bjorn, is not a special name or anything. It just means “bear.”

2. Thor – Round One

The second boss of the game, Thor, the god of thunder, is the second-easiest boss to fight. We haven’t unlocked a lot of moves and weapons yet, so this fight shouldn’t be too hard.
Even though the game isn’t too hard to play, the story beats are very powerful, and Thor even kills you. Even though your death is planned, it’s still a fun moment.

3. Vanadis (Freya)

We must have been ready for the Queen after all the Valkyrie warm-ups. Either that or she wasn’t sure if she wanted to kill us or not. Even though she is much faster than the last time we saw her, her sudden attack on us doesn’t pose much of a problem.
She is easy to block and parry, though, and you can be very aggressive toward her. The boss fight was pretty simple, but it was still fun.

4. Garm

For a change, things got a little hot in Helheim. The other giant wolf from Norse mythology was a tough opponent here. We’re lucky that his size makes it easy to figure out what he’s going to do, so we can get ready.
But because he is so big, it is hard to avoid his attacks because they cover a large area. Even so, it’s still pretty easy to deal with.

5. Alva

In this game, the Light Elves fight much better than their counterparts. They are fast and strong, which makes them very hard to beat. Alva is not only a Light Elf, but she is also a boss, so she will put everything you’ve learned from fighting these guys to the test.
There are a lot of moves you can’t block and attacks that you have to hit her with the shield to stop. Be careful of how far you are from Alva because shield attacks need to be close.

6. Gryla

Even though this fight is still on the easier side of the list, it stands out for being more detailed about how you need to fight her.
You can’t hurt her, so you can only go after her cauldron and have to be careful when she gets close because of how big she is. This fight is different from others in the game because the environment plays a big role.

7. Heimdall

Even though everything was done to get ready for this guy, like making a whole new weapon just for him, he wasn’t that hard to beat. He’s not easy, but he’s not hard either.
After you kill his mount, there’s a tricky part where you have to use your Draupnir Spear to make him weak, which makes you think of new ways to use your weapon. At first, he’ll get it, but things get harder as time goes on. Once that is done, you just have to fight him in a normal way to get rid of him. But the spear was a great addition to the game, so it was worth the work to get it ready.

8. Nidhogg

It was hard, long, and confusing. This is one of the best boss fights, and it reminds me of the dragon Hraezlyr from God of War 2018.
To make her weak, you need to use certain weapons and avoid attacks that can’t be blocked and the Bifrost effect. It also shows how well Kratos and Freya work together, which means that Freya is no longer angry at Kratos.

9. Hrist And Mist

You may have missed the Valkyries. Well, here are some more. Even though the memories are bad, they aren’t as dangerous as they were in the last game because the main bosses are usually easier.
Even so, it’s hard to fight two at once, and even though they share a health bar, it gets filled up twice during the fight, giving them a total of three health bars. Their speed is also a lot faster than most of the others on this list, so timing is very important.

10. Thor – Round Two

Time to get paid. This fight is much better, but that was to be expected. This one is almost over, and you now have better attacks, weapons, and armor.
Thor doesn’t hold back in this one, either. He uses a lot of powerful attacks that keep the arena under his control. You can’t stay too far away because you might need your shield to stop some of his strongest moves. It’s also a beautiful part of the story because it shows Kratos not killing an enemy for once.

11. Odin

God of War Ragnarok
Photo: Collected
The main bad guy in this saga is Zeus, the god of this area. The fight against him is hard and full of powerful story moments. This fight is the only one where you have two allies with you.
Even though he’s not a fighter, his magic skills make him quite a threat. Here, everything you’ve learned from playing the game comes together. At one point, you even use platforming skills. Then, if you fall into his study, you’ll get a good beating. Sometimes, all we need is a big room with the bad guy on the other side to whale on.
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