Minecraft is a procedurally generated game, but every time it makes a new world, it also makes a “seed.” This is a piece of code that you can put into your own game to play in the same world. If you see a player with a great Minecraft world, ask them for the seed. When you use a Minecraft seed, you will get the base world without any changes.
Over the years, players have made a list of the best Minecraft seeds, and we’ve found the most fun ones for you to play right now. Check out this list and see if any of the things on it interest you. It’s a great way to give Minecraft a fresh start if you’re ready for something new.

Top Minecraft Seeds you can Play Right Now

If you want to play one of these seeds, start Minecraft and click Create New World > More World Options. You can put the seed code in the field below the Seed to world generator at the top of the screen. After that, you’ll have to click Create a New World again.
Remember that the version of the game determines how a seed turns out. You must also type in the seed by hand since pasting code often makes things go wrong. If you play the wrong version of Minecraft, the results might be different. We give each seed the version of the game that it needs.

1. Title Screen – Beta 1.7.3

The first title screen for Minecraft showed a world that many players wanted to explore, but no one had found yet. Then, one day, someone found the seed for that world. Even though it looks different now, the title screen has been the same for a long time.
After putting the game back to the version that was needed, type 2151901553968352745 in the seed field. You’ll have to look around a bit to find the original title screen preview, but once you do, it’s like a blast from the past.

2. Survival Ocean Island – 1.15

You end up in the middle of an island when you plant this seed. The good news is that you’re not alone. Villagers are all around you, and just offshore is an ocean temple. To get into the spread screen, just type 6039186344010446208.
This Minecraft seed is great for someone who wants to live on a small island in a roleplay. There is a shipwreck nearby, and if you look far enough, you can see the mainland. This is a good place to start if you want to try something hard. Only three trees grow on the island, which can make it hard to get wood.

3. Forest Mansion – 1.11

When mansions were added to Minecraft, the game changed a lot. These tall buildings are full of loot, dangerous enemies, and places to explore, but they can be hard to find. With this seed, you’ll spawn near a mansion, but you’ll have to look around a bit to find it.
Still, that’s not a bad thing. Spend some time getting supplies and setting up a spawn. Mansions are dangerous places, and you’ll probably have to respawn a few times as you go through them. The number of the seed is -4589128118707775879.

4. Sky Mountain – 1.8.1

This is the way to go if you like to build fancy mountain forts. He lands in the clouds at the base of a huge mountain that goes much higher into the sky than the clouds. Several waterfalls flow down the mountain, and you can farm on the top where there is grass.
You can also get wood from the trees, but don’t forget to plant more. You are surrounded on many sides by water, which makes it easy to leave the top of the mountain quickly. It is written as -969535336.

5. Instant End Portal – 1.6.4

In Minecraft, it’s not easy to get to the end. You need to find a stronghold and fight your way through it, as well as get the Eye of Ender. This Minecraft seed makes it easier, but it takes a long time. You’ll start out close to a village. Go there and look for a strange flat platform near the water’s edge.
If you break through the top of that platform, you’ll find the last Portal, which is already set up and ready to be used. You still need to put the Eyes of Ender in it, but it’s much easier than trying to find a stronghold. The name for the seed is a Dossier. (It’s not the same, but just type the word.)

6. Savannah Village – 1.16.5

This seed grows right next to a big, cute village in the savannah. The plateaus look down on the village and give a great view of the surrounding area (as well as a perfect spot to build your own base). There are also horses, a blacksmith, and a big body of water where you can fish.
If you leave the village and go into the desert, you can also find a temple in the desert that is full of good things. When it comes to easy places to start, this seed is hard to beat. Works with the most recent games. Its number is 12542.

7. Chain of Islands – 1.16.5

This seed begins on a small island with no resources. You’ll have to swim a bit to get to an island with trees where you can build a boat, but that island is just one of about a dozen in this small chain. It’s a great place to build a base between two coasts, and there’s even a shipwreck nearby to explore.
This kind of Minecraft seed is great for roleplaying or just making the game more difficult. Even a rock you find can be named Wilson. The seed for this one is 124014738 if you want to try it out for yourself.
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